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Sunday, 30 July 2017

How to make this watercolour card using Imagine Design Create.
You will need:
Watercolour card
Watercolour pens
A spray bottle of water
Your stamps
Black ink
Acrylic block
A card blank 

                 This is the finished project
First get a piece of watercolour card I'm using crafters companion watercolour card.
Cut it so it's 5"x5" inches and if you want the wording the same cut a piece 3"x3" inch.
Then choose your colours, iam using spectrum noir watercolour pens. The colour left to right are Heather, kingfisher, blossom and sea green.
Once you have picked you colours, make a scribble on your blending mat, just random scribbles.
Then get your water bottle and spray water all over your scribbles.
Next you take your 5"x 5" inch piece of card and put it down on your watercolours and twist the piece of card. Then lift off  and leave to dry, then take your smaller piece and mop up your leftovers and leave to dry too.
You can use a heat gun if you choose.
This is the beautiful pattern I made with mine, and the beauty of it is that you will never get the same outcome.
These are the stamps iam using. It's is the Imagine Design Create stamps and this one's are star mix and creative quotes.
Next is getting ready to stamp, I use the crafters companion rock a block and for this card and I'm using memento tuxedo black ink to stamp
Next place your stamp on your block can be a rock a block or a acrylic block it's up to you.
First I choose to stamp my biggest stamp I am going to use, this is my choice, it is up to yourself, whatever you feel comfortable with.
Then stamp your working just like you did with the first stamp on the 3"x3" inch piece .

Then wait for ink to be dry, this doesn't take long . I choose to cut my wording up.

Then I took my stars and stamped them beside the large stamp I had already done.

Next you choose where you want your working to be I've done mine a bit scattered.
Next I cut a piece of watercolour 6"x6" inch this is going to be a frame around your main piece. I've done a different technique for this one. I have scribbled one this side of the card with the same colours.
Next I added the water the same way and moved my card around. Once you are happy leave to dry, or use a heat tool.
Here is what I got with this technique.
Next take the stamp you want for your frame and stamp around the card as I have done. Don't worry about the space in the middle the first piece will cover that up.
Then stick the first card to the frame you have made. Take a 7"x7" inch card blank and stick your frame and first piece down, I used wet glue to stick as it gives you a bit off playing time just in case it's not on straight, but you can use double side tape or whatever you prefer to use.

Thank you for reading and I hope it all goes well, any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I will get back to you asap

Love Alana x

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